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Text the banquet holls

At your service couple banquet rooms spaciosness to 200 persons. Also we offer you the open-air area for 5000 persons!
Average banquet check: from 700 UAN for 1 person. person.

Contacts: +38 095-275-93-53

To order a dinner in a restaurant is a laborious and responsible process. It is also important to choose the good restaurant and order food enough, and confirm the program... and Big Boss should like it.

Sometimes holiday concept matures in advance, and it happens that the restaurant interior "tells" how to choose a theme for a banquet.

Huge choice of banquet halls in Kiev can be substantially narrowed by specifying the details that are relevant for your own party. For example, you do not like to sit in the common room with the other guests, and a part of restaurants cannot offer separate rooms for banquets, for both large and small companies.

You should take note to the price of banquet facilities and what includes the concept of "rent a banquet hall": the minimal order amount or rent the hall as a platform (the fee per square meter). New Years party in a restaurant requires proper design and Christmas tree.

Some restaurants in Kiev take on these efforts and prepare in advance a ballroom that will greatly reduce the event's budget, however, as the resolution to bring to your holiday alcohol drinks, instead of purchasing costs of the restaurant. A nice bonus is the absence of the cork fee and night tariff.

Banquet menu for the party should be made individually and taking and the uniform distribution of hot and cold dishes. Excessive amounts of cold appetizers certainly not "leave place" for the main dishes. Bet on hot dishes can cause half-empty tables at the beginning of the holiday and fast intoxicated guests.

Sufficiently important detail is the hotel on territory, especially if some guests comes to the party from another cities. Opportunity to freshen up after the trip will add significantly positive and good mood.

And finally, we wish you the best holiday and lots of great memories.

Organization of conferences +38 (095) 275 93 53


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