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KIDEV - an ancient Georgian word that means yet, or want more. Indeed, once visiting the country residence KIDEV, there is a desire to come back again and again, and try a taste of country-style hanging KIDEV.

Now KIDEV is not only elegant Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine, but also a very comfortable place where people come to spend time with family, children, friends and business partners.

Two banquet halls for 75 and 200 people will answer the most capricious taste. The luxurious interior, unique design, the flames in the large fireplace, which is made according to old designs, all the evidence of representativeness, sophistication and comfort. There is always the music, which is from 18.00 turns into a live musical accompaniment.

There is a huge terrace with glass panels in a country residence, which offers an amazing view and creates a feeling of being in nature, as well as cozy bower of vines, where you can retire, have dinner and spend the evening alone comfortably, breathing in the pine air.

Fans will be able to enjoy a game of billiards in the originally-equipped room.

Guests have the opportunity to make little excursion to the wine cellar. Visit the wine cellar - a great opportunity not to be mistaken in their preferences.

KIDEV menu will satisfy even the most refined taste. It is impossible to forget the taste of the best dishes from the chef "Baked Ribs," "drunken beef," "Chakapuli", "Dolma". Not a foodie will not deny myself the pleasure to enjoy such dishes as "Chkmeruli", "Shlyahtich", "Chvishtari."

Salads of fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs, salads of meat and fish, main dishes and garnishes will always be the way "Kama Nikvzit", "salad-Gurian," "young mistress", "Quail's Nest."

Break out here on the weekend of the noisy bustle of the city - great for bright expressive weekend. A breath of fresh air, noise, centuries-old pine trees, a nice looking landscape, in which a country residence KIDEV is so seamlessly blended, all this possesses to make to return here again, again and again! After all, fun is unlimited!


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