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You can visually see halls of the restaurant using a virtual tour. There you will see bar, large hall, small hall, 2 terraces, billiard room, vine cellar, changing room for babies and unique Children's playroom for your kids.

Large hall made in Georgian style. You will feel immediately the atmosphere of Georgia, it special, incomparable flavor. This is lightness of noble luxury and perfect style. The harmony of comfort and serenity. The hall includes 200 seats, where you can rest in a company of closest friends, organize big event, business meeting or conferenc. Miracle of Georgian music, beautiful singing, the voices of Georgian harmonic, which incomparable with anything. You can hear all this from a beautiful scene, which located in the Large hall. You can book a table near fireplace, and it will charm you with its beauty and richness of design.

Two restaurant terraces give you an opportunity to rest there in any time of a year. Through the terrace window you can see an amazing panoramic view it at once gives the impression that you are in the nature. The luxurious interior, unique design and cozy fireplaces fire, all the evidence of representativeness, sophistication and comfort.

Those who like billiard will be able to enjoy the game in cozy billiard hall. Here you can chat with friends, discuss new literary, political and sports news, smoke a cigar, and most importantly - feel like a real gentleman in the society of pleasant companions.

KIDEVs guests have an opportunity to take an excursion in vine cellar. Vaulted ceilings with interesting lighting, floor which inlaid with rocks, will take you to the good old days. Ultramodern equipment with control temperature, humidity and lighting ensures the highest standards for storage of fine wines. Visiting wine cellar - its great opportunity to avoid mistakes in your preferences.

Small hall made in Ukrainian style, which includes 60 seats. When you rest here you feel the incredible calmness and comfort.

Children also wont be bored. Special for them we built modern Childrens playroom, where they can find charming labyrinths, slot machines, a variety of toys, children's holiday atmosphere.

In the restaurant also has changing room for babies, where you can change a baby - there are everything you may need.

To escape here at weekends from the noisy bustle city its great idea for bright, expressive weekend. A breath of fresh air, the sounds of ancient pine trees, nice looking landscape, in which so organically blended country residence KIDEV. All this makes you want to come back here again, again and again.


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