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Sport Complex


When you want a break from the city and problems, elite residence KIDEV pleased to offer you the perfect rest and comfort. For you we have prepared a special holiday, namely raising the tone and flow of joy and excitement. To feel the beauty of nature and splendor of purity, you don’t need to go abroad, it’s enough to visit country residence KIDEV.
Country residence KIDEV invites you to enhance your tone and spend time with your favorite hobby. We offer you: paintball - http://www.kidev.kiev.ua/sport_complex/service/537.html, cycling, football, tennis, table tennis, fishing.

Each direction KIDEV-sport will allow you to fill labor and relax at a high level.

We hope that staying in the residence KIDEV will provide you not only family holiday, but also an exciting game because KIDEV - where there is a taste of life!


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